All About YOU

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Real estate is a service industry. Yes it is sales, but the entire process from start to finish is an experience. As a real estate professional, my goal is for your real estate experience with me to be an exceptional one because the experience, the transaction, the wants and needs are all about you. In fact, the first question I ask my clients is, “what do you expect from me?”. Thankfully, my clients tell me up front what they are looking for in a real estate professional, what obstacles they have encountered in the past with other real estate agents and know that an open line of communication will result in an improved experience.

All About YOU

In order for this experience to be all about you, a client/agent relationship must be established. Just like any other relationship, this professional relationship needs to be built on honesty, trust, loyalty, transparency and communication. I will be the first to admit if I am wrong; I will always take responsibility for my actions and let me tell you that it is not always easy, however, it is the right thing to do.

Oh! And I love to laugh and have fun. It is very easy to slide right into work mode and stay there, but with the amount of time that we will be spending with each other and talking to one another, having fun and joking around is bound to happen.

Help me help you. There is nothing I appreciate more than honesty. If there is something that needs to be changed on my end, please just let me know. Preferably in a nice way (: We do not always know when something is or is not working; therefore, the only way to know is to speak up. Once I know what I can do to better accommodate your needs, I will adjust my actions and continue making your real estate experience custom tailored to be all about you.

Search for a New Home

Search for a New Home

Let's get this home search started! Once you take yourself seriously and decide to search for a new home, you are going to want some backup. Just kidding! But seriously, if you know what you are looking for then this will be an easier process than if you do not have as much direction. There is no right way to search for a new home.

That is why you have me (: In order to be on the lookout for what will best suites your needs, I will be asking you basic and general questions in the beginning. As we spend more time together, see more houses and my understanding of what you want improves then the questions will become more specific.

Please keep in mind that you are allowed to change your mind as many times as you want while we search for a new home. You do not know what you do not know in the beginning. After the search for a new home is well under way, only then will you be able to have a little more insight and knowledge about what you are looking for. It is best to start wide and narrow down. I even encourage you to tour the homes that you are unsure of because houses, just like people, are photogenic or not so photogenic.

To my clients who are financing their new home, speaking with a lender is the best first step to take. For some of you buyers, there may be a dollar amount you are willing to spend and then the dollar amount you can spend. Remember that those are two different things. Speaking with a lender eliminates the mystery amount that you can spend on your new home and instead allows us to focus on homes that you can purchase. The prequalification process is free and the prequalification letter lasts for 90 days. This advice is for all price points, by the way. If you are a cash buyer then you already know what you can and want to spend on your new home.

Lean on me, ask me too many questions, call me 10 times a day, whatever you need, I am here for you! I am almost always available, answer my phone and if I can not, I will call you back. We will pretty much be married for a short period of time because that is just how it goes. Staying in touch with my clients after we have closed is one thing that is extremely important to me. You will be no different.

Search for a New Home

Marketing and Branding

Everyone loves to look at beautiful homes. It is eye candy. Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty is fortunate to represent the ‘lion’s share’ of the higher-end homes in Arizona that higher-net-worth buyers seek and many of the rest of us dream about! When you choose to list your house with us, no matter what the price point is, you will receive the benefit and exposure with our international and luxury brand which will set your property listing apart from the others. Without further ado, let us tell you about our unique marketing and branding.

Our marketing and branding are extraordinary. Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty has been around since 1947 and has been dominating the luxury market for decades. We know what we are doing! With our marketing and branding, your property listing will reach buyers in every country, it will be represented by the recognizable blue sign and it will be accessible online through platforms such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and

Hand-in-glove in representing these fine properties is the expectation of exceptional service. And we deliver. However, the truth is that the white glove treatment is really a standard of service that extends to all sellers at all price points. I strive to exceed expectations and ensure my clients receive the highest level of personalized attention. As you will experience, we take tremendous pride in our work and we chose to be affiliated with Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty because of the spectacular marketing and branding it allows us to offer our clients.

What to expect when we list your house:

Professionally shot, high-resolution photography. Each listing has a minimum of 10 photos that must meet rigorously maintained standards. Hi-resolution is critically important to maintaining the quality of the photos when a user chooses to print an on-line brochure.

Carefully crafted remarks. The ‘sell’ online is not only about great photography, but an equally appealing description of the homes features and amenities.

Large format Photo Gallery for every listing at all price points. Property representation on is utterly unique, easy to read and lifestyle driven.

Search by lifestyle. For clients with a unique or specific property, this is a popular property search option with dedicated websites for Golf, Ski, Farm & Ranch and Waterfront. (38% of visitors use our Lifestyle Search).

Distribution Channels. We partner with and distribute properties to the most significant media companies in the world to drive qualified traffic to where buyers find your property listing.

Search Engine Marketing. With dynamic, relevant information on, this insures high ‘organic’ visibility to search engines as well as paid ads. Over 90% of home searches begin online.

Now 44% of buyers report they first viewed the home they purchased on-line!

The extensive marketing and branding each seller is offered tremendously increases online visibility and traffic. We have a great reputation in the Phoenix real estate community as well as participate in a mastermind group with top agents around the valley. In addition to relying on the brands marketing and branding, we have developed our own marketing and branding to our network of clients, local and national agents, friends and family.

We look forward to providing you with a white glove service from start to finish. Our marketing and branding is all about your and your listing through exposure online. Remember, luxury is not a price tag, it is a service.






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