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    The Business Woman, Lauren

    I am known to be a passionate, knowledgeable and honest yet competitive agent. Helping my clients through the largest financial and emotional purchase of their lives is both exhilarating and an honor. The needs and wants of my clients must be thoroughly understood in order to provide the best service and solution. I'm also a great negotiator and will work with my clients and the other agent to make sure that can put a house under contract as well as have a smooth transaction.

    As your listing agent, I will make sure your house sells for the highest price in the shortest amount of time. With exceptional resources, relationships and marketing, it's my job to bring attention to your house. Through an online presence, word of mouth and mailers, all buyers will be turning their heads and want to tour your house.

    Meet Lauren

    When I'm working with you as your buyers agent, my goal is to find your ideal home in the right location for the best price.

    Knowing what you want is a combination of listening to what your needs are and noticing your likes and dislikes while touring homes. Keep in mind, that you, the buyer, are absolutely allowed to change your mind about your criteria, location and price. Nothing is set in stone and this will be a fluid and ever changing process until we find a home that best suits your needs.

    The Personal Side of Lauren

    So you know about a little bit about me...I am an Arizona native growing up in Paradise Valley and have lived here almost my entire life. The years away from home were spent in Florence, Italy and Los Angeles, CA. Both of which I can say gave me life experience and matured me in ways that I didn't even know possible both personally and professionally.

    The business side of me came out at a young age. Through elementary school, I was apart of Girl Scouts and my favorite part about the troop was selling Girl Scout cookies. Let me tell you that I always beat everyone every year without cheating! And by cheating, I mean I didn't give the order form to my dad and have him take it into his office for orders. I went out and knocked on every single door in my neighborhood (and beyond) as often as I could to rack up my numbers eventually creating relationships with my neighbors. The reward for hard work hit me like a ton of bricks and I quickly applied it to school and sports.

    Meet Lauren

    Fast forward a couple of decades to life in college. Staying in state, I attended Arizona State University. My parents blessed me with the most amazing opportunity one could ask for, although at 20 I didn't really know what I was getting in to. I moved to Florence, Italy for my entire junior year of college. I lived with other American students from around the United States and studied art, fashion, the history of Florence and, of course, Italian. The luxury of traveling was at my fingertips and I took full advantage of it visiting every small town and major city in Italy and throughout Europe.

    Then came the art. Learning about Botticelli in class one day then walking over to the Uffizi that same day to see the Primavera with your very own eyes was surreal. Learning all about Leonardo da Vinci and the Mona Lisa then riding the train to Paris and touring the Louvre a few weeks later to see the actual piece of artwork (which is much smaller than you would imagine) was incredible. Actually it was jaw dropping.

    Learning a language, learning how to use the trains, experiencing day to day life in Florence and around Europe, becoming friends with the locals, well, there really aren't word for how it feels and how it changes you. Needless to say, I didn't want that magical year to end; therefore, returning home to finish school wasn't a priority. But I did.

    After graduating from Arizona State University, I obtained my Arizona real estate license working as an assistant to a well known commercial real estate agent learning the tricks of the trade. Our team worked on industrial deals so I learned all about loading docks and bays as well as warehouse space, tenant's leases (triple net!) and had a new found love for buildings.

    Feeling that itch to get out of town again, I eventually moved to Los Angeles. My first job was a worldwide event planner which didn't last long as I gravitated right back to real estate soon obtaining my California real estate license. Living in Manhattan Beach while working out of Santa Monica taught me the daily battle with LA traffic. Let me tell you how painfully real it is!

    Meet Lauren

    Anyway, the events I planned were for 50-250 people in Los Angeles, Hawaii, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, London and New York and I absolutely loved it. The position taught me to be organized yet flexible meaning that in order to put the event on, I needed to have all of my ducks in row but that it might now go the way I planned; therefore, flexibility to adapt to unique situations was key. Some things are just out of my control.

    And so it goes, California real estate was calling my name. I once again studied for my real estate license and passed the California exam. Just like that I was licensed in two states! My real estate career took off in the Southbay (Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach) only this time I was selling residential real estate. It wasn't the easiest place to start a real estate career because I wasn't from there so I started with knocking on doors and holding open houses and my business kept growing.

    In order to calm my mind from running a multi million dollar business, I also taught yoga on the side for fun. I practiced for about ten and a half years total between Phoenix and Los Angeles and taught for four in years in Los Angeles. The yoga mat became my safe haven, my reset button and my accountability partner.

    Handstands, arm balances and transitions will forever be my favorite parts of yoga to practice, improve and perfect. It might not sound overly yogic that I prefer to focus on the physical aspect of yoga, but the attitude one must have when practicing these challenging and tricky transitions is where the yogic philosophy comes into play. Regardless of my mood walking into class, I always walked out feeling calm, happy, balanced and like I could tackle anything now that my head was on my shoulders correctly.

    Although my work history may not seem to mesh and provide the best experience for a real estate agent, you would be surprised at how it ties together! When my three career choices came full circle and I realized that my passion was real estate, I now have nothing but the best organizational, listening and teaching skills. As an assistant to a real estate executive, I recognize the importance of knowledge, marketing and relationships. As a world wide event planner, I understand the power of communication, coordination and decorating/staging. As a yoga instructor, I have public speaking experience, patience and appreciation for all of my clients.

    Meet Lauren

    Oh ya! One little thing I forgot to mention, I was on Fear Factor in December 2011. It was a team episode so my roommate and I tried out. We filled out the 50 page questionnaire about fears, we created a video about ourselves and nailed our on camera interview. We only made it through the second round and I can honestly say that if I had to go back and do it again, I don't think I could have drank anymore of that Crappacino.

    Our first stunt was in car propelled over water by helicopters. We each had our own 10 flags to grab from different areas outside the car. The car was completely emptied of seats, the center console, the steering wheel, etc. The helicopters were tilting the car many different ways while we were scurrying around the outside of the car reaching for our flags. My roommate grabbed all 10 of her flags then lost her balance and fell in to the water. I saw what I thought was her jumping into the water, grabbed my ninth flag and jumped myself. We won that round!Round two is always the most disgusting. Yes we had to eat something gross. Well, in this case, we had to drink something gross. We had to put our hands into a bucket of living creepy crawlies and grab a ball out which had a number on it. The number represented the topping for our Crappacino.

    The Crappacino consisted of tomato hornworms, flies, worms and bugs ground up with curdled milk mixed in then Joe was sweet enough to add the topping of our choice. We each were lucky enough to have tomato hornworms as our extra tasty mix in. Yes, they were alive and yes, I felt their legs tickle my top lip. No, I didn't eat one. It was two for one day at the Crappacino house so we had two full glasses to throw back if we wanted to make it to the next round.

    It was the longest 10 minutes of my life. We weren't allowed to throw up until after (: Some contestants drank it without an issue while others were literally licking it up off the counter. Us? We drank it like girls. The smell was atrocious which made whatever we were drinking even worse. The commercial for our episode had a clip of me saying, No boy will ever kiss me again!

    Unfortunately, we didn't drink enough to make it to the third and final round. I can truly say though that I gave it my all. If I were put in the same situation again, I don't think I could have drank anymore than I did.

    I've learned that you can't judge an episode of Fear Factor from your couch!
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