Choosing a Listing Agent

When it comes time to sell your beloved home, it is not always easy to part ways. Whether you are relocating, downsizing, up-sizing or traveling the world, it is a big decision to say goodbye to an abode full of memories. Regardless of your reason to sell, it is time to bring in a professional.

Choosing the right real estate agent to work with is critical. It is important to recognize what you expect of a real estate agent and what qualities you are looking for in the person you hire. Most likely you are looking for someone you trust, you like, you get along with, you feel comfortable with and someone who is communicative. Interview as many real estate agents as needed until you find the agent or team you feel the most comfortable with.

Just because someone you know and trust refers a real estate agent to you does not mean that he or she is a good fit. There still needs to be an interview process and it would be smart to meet with this real estate agent to get a good sense of who they are. Any real estate agent can say what you want to hear, but you will not know if they are a quality agent until you actually start working with them.

Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Agent

If you are still trying to decide if you should hire a real estate agent at all, here are a few things to consider. Without a professional real estate agent helping you sell your house, you quite possibly could be selling yourself short. If you sell your house quickly, you may wonder if you listed it for enough. If it sits and does not have as much activity as you would like, you may wonder how it compares to other houses for sale and why potential buyers are not interested.

Why You Should Hire a Real Estate Agent

Another important thing to notice when selling your own house are the emotions. As the owner/seller, the line may become blurry when it comes time to price your house, seeing the true condition of your house, how to market your house and negotiating. The opinion of anything a human being is emotionally attached to is going to be a little bit biased, including their home.

Preparing to list your house can be over whelming so why go through it alone? A good real estate agent will know what to do in order to make your house show ready. A great real estate agent will be apart of the process every step of the way to give you advice, to help set the list price and will have resources for you should you need and want to repair the house prior to putting it on the market. Every seller wants top dollar for their house (as they should) so let us work together to make sure that buyers see your house as the best on the block.

Your Experience Working with Me

Going above and beyond for my clients is just in my blood. When your house is officially listed, we will be in contact daily. Whether I am personally at every single showing or there is a lock box on your house for agents to come and go with potential buyers as they please, I will be giving you feedback.

your experience working

It is imperative that I follow up with all agents who show your house so we can find out what the feedback is. If improvements are needed whether it be an odor or aroma, price, tidiness, repairs, etc. we want to hear what potential buyers see and think so we know how to make your house more attractive to those who are ready to put an offer in.

The best feedback I receive is that I am always available and very responsive. I do pride myself on that because I want my clients to know that even if there is a last minute showing, I will make myself available. The worst feeling on the planet would be for a seller to miss out on a showing because I was not available to open the house.

Hiring me, a professional real estate agent, will make your life a whole lot easier. I take care of everything from start to finish including preparing your house to put on the market, paying for professional pictures of your house, email marketing, direct “Just Listed” mailers, holding your house open, being available for all showings and will always give you feedback from showings and open houses from potential buyers and other real estate agents.

Your house will be advertised online reaching a national and international audience, it will be touted at neighborhood tours and open houses will be available to you bringing local real estate agents and buyers through.

Top 10 Things

I am a full time real estate agent who studies the market, attends local tours, looks at houses day in and day out, reads real estate news, speaks with colleagues about transactions, trends and off market houses and all of this is what will bring you a top dollar price. As your real estate agent, I will steer you in the right direction about pricing your house, how to keep your home show ready, negotiating offers, marketing your house and leveraging all of the incredible features your house offers.

Learning about the Transaction

Each transaction is unique but all transactions follow the same protocol; therefore, my goal is to make every seller's experience the best that it can be. While I take care of things to ensure a smooth transaction, you, the seller, can continue to focus on your life, family, career, travel and have confidence that what is going on behind the scenes of your real estate transaction is being well taken care of.

To make things easier, I have put together this timeline for you. This will give you an idea of the life of the transaction once we have an accepted contract. Naturally, I will be reiterating all of this to you as we go, but this at least maps out the time line and deadlines!

Upon Contract Acceptance:

Escrow Opened within 24 hours of contract acceptance or next business day if accepted contract is on a weekend or holiday.

Buyer to deposit Earnest Money with Escrow Company as soon as possible upon contract acceptance and escrow has been opened.

Within 3 Days After Contract Acceptance:

Loan Application- must be completed within 3 days after contract


Buyer to grant lender permission to access Credit Report within 3 days after contract acceptance.

Sellers Property Disclosure Statement (SPDS)- Delivered to the buyer within 3 days of contract acceptance.

Within 5 Days After Contract Acceptance:

Insurance Claims History Report- Seller to deliver to buyer within 5 days of contract acceptance. Buyer to provide notice of any items disapproved within the Insurance Claims History report within the Inspection Period or 5 days after receipt of the claims history, whichever is later.

Lead Base Paint Disclosure- Seller to deliver to the buyer within 5 days of contract acceptance. Buyer has 10 days after receipt to conduct or obtain a risk assessment or inspection then within 5 days after receipt of LBP information or 5 days after expiration of Assessment Period cancel the contract.

Seller to deliver SPDS to buyer within 3 days after contract acceptance. Buyer shall provide notice of any SPDS items disapproved within the Inspection Period or 5 days after receipt of the SPDS, whichever is later.

About the Transaction

Within 10 Days After Contract Acceptance:

Loan Status Update (LSU)- Buyer shall deliver to Seller an LSU within 10 days after contract acceptance. Future updates are provided upon request.

Inspection Period:

Inspection Period- 10 days unless otherwise noted on line 213 of purchase contract. Buyer to complete any and all due diligence during this time. Prior to expiration, buyer delivers to

seller items disapproved.

Seller has 5 days to respond in writing to any items buyer disapproved of from inspection. If the seller does not agree to correct all items the buyer has 5 days to accept or cancel after in receipt of the seller’s response.

Buyer to apply for Homeowners Insurance during the inspection period.

Dates That Vary:

Loan Processing During Escrow- Within 10 days after receipt of the Loan Estimate, Buyer shall provide lender with notice of intent to proceed with the loan transaction in a manner satisfactory to the lender.

Changes- In the event of any changes in the loan program or status buyer must provide notice immediately to the seller.

Appraisal- If the property fails to appraise for the purchase price, the buyer has 5 days after notice of the appraised value to cancel the contract and receive a refund of Earnest Money.

Title Commitment and CC&R’s – Buyer has 5 days after receipt of the Title Commitment and after receipt of notice of the Prelim to provide notice to the Seller of items disapproved.

Low Appraisal – buyer may cancel in the event of a low appraisal within 5 days after notice.

Buyers final walk through.

Buyer to order Home Warranty.

3 Days Prior to Close of Escrow (COE):

Loan Contingency- Buyer to obtain loan approval without Prior to

Documents conditions no later than 3 days prior to the Close of Escrow.

Unfulfilled Loan Contingency- if the buyer is unable to obtain loan approval no later than 3 days prior to the COE buyer shall be entitled to a refund of the earnest money.

Seller to complete repairs (if any) 3 days prior to COE and receipts are due to Buyer 3 days prior to COE.

Buyer to sign Loan Documents no later than 3 days prior to COE.

Closing Day:

Buyer to have funds in Escrow to allow COE.

Recording of Documents by the County Assessor’s Office.

Seller to deliver possession, existing keys, garage door openers, mailbox keys and location of mailbox (if necessary), etc.


Cure Period- If a party fails to comply with any provision in the contract, the other party can deliver a notice to the non-complying party. The non-complying party must cure their non-compliance within 3 days of notice. Failure to comply is a breach of contract.

Days- all days reference in the purchase contract are calendar days beginning at 12:00AM and ending at 11:59PM.

Thank You For Your Time and Consideration!

Nothing makes me happier than hearing from clients that the selling process was fluid and uneventful! Sometimes the journey is easy and there is not a single obstacle. The buyer and seller agree, the loan funds on time and the house appraises. Other transactions are nail biting from start to finish. Either way, we are in it together. I become just as emotionally invested in your transaction as you do!

Sales Go Up and Down

Although I have not experienced every single possible scenario possible in the real estate world (has any agent seen it all?), my experiences as a seasoned agent have taught me how to handle a wide variety of situations. I am always thankful for the “easy” transactions, but I really do love it when challenges are presented. Those are what make me grow, expand my knowledge and give me the opportunity to be a better agent. Who is going to complain about becoming better? Not me!

This process is not about me, it is about you, the seller. You need to feel comfortable about every choice made along the way and I am here to help with anything you need. I will always be more than just your real estate agent. If there is something you need to know that I do not have an answer to, I will find out for you. Whatever I can do to make your life easier, I am here to get it done!