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  • Understanding a Home Inspection

    Anytime you purchase a house, it is extremely important to order a home inspection even if it is a brand new home. In Arizona, buyers have a 10 day inspection period once an executed contract is in place. Buyers want to start with a general home inspection and if the inspection report reveals certain items need more attention then it is time to call in an expert in that field.

    An inspector's job is to expose any and all current, past and potential issues with the house and, if applicable, the pool and spa. It is important for the buyer to know that the inspector can be liable if he/she does not disclose discovered issues; therefore, understanding a home inspection report can lead a buyer to believe that there are more obstacles with the house than there truly are. 

    Emotions are charging at this point in the transaction and I know that buyers want their new home to be perfect, but try to separate logic from emotion. Not everything that the home inspection reports are a priority to have remedied by the seller. Just keep that in mind and your agent will help you determine the importance of items.

    As the buyer, you want to make sure to gather as much knowledge as possible. Ask the sellers for any documentation and receipts for all previous repairs. Educate yourself and understand the magnitude of any items you are concerned about from the home inspection report. 

    A couple of questions to ask about the home inspection issues that arise: If there are past issues, how were they remedied? Were they repaired by a licensed contractor or by the owner? If there are current issues, the buyer wants to ensure that the items are professionally repaired and receive receipts once the work has been completed.

    The moral of the story is that whenever you have a home inspection question, call on a professional in that specific field to better qualify the severity of the inspection issue. It will put your mind at ease and give you insight to the real problem.

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